best of tassie

something a little more lighthearted today…..

Here’s my working list of the “best of” for Tassie….compiled as I travel around this fine state.  While it may seem like it initially, rest assured they’re not all food related…lest you get the wrong idea 😉

Feel free to leave me recommendations…

Best Hamburger: Burger Got Soul, Launceston.  The “Birds of a Feather” is my favourite.

Best Hot Chips: Burger Got Soul, Launceston.  Particularly with sweet chilli mayo dipping sauce – outstanding!

Best Chocolate Milkshake: Burger Got Soul, Launceston.  I swear this is not a conspiracy, they are just really good milkshakes!

Best Vanilla Slice: the ‘northern’ bakery in Ross.  Delicious.  By the way, there is no neat way to eat a vanilla slice, just enjoy it!

Best Cream Bun: Crusty’s Bakery, Wivenhoe (Burnie).  Fantastic….thanks Kim for introducing me!

Best Chunky Steak Pie: Exeter Bakery.  chunky goodness

Best Seafood deal: 2kg ‘pieces’ packs of fresh salmon from the Salmon Shop @ Salamanca

Best Lolly Shop: Campbell Town.  Or so my kids tell me (honest).

Best Road: unquestionably the Sideling Range road, from Launceston to Scotsdale.  Unreal!

Best Beach: Boat Harbour Beach.  Haven’t stayed there yet, but we will!

Best Family Walk: Around the top of the Nut at Stanley.  Really enjoyable & great views

Best Urban Walk: Launceston’s Cataract Gorge (sorry Hobart)

Best Family Bike Trails: Ulverstone – from the caravan park all the way to the ‘Rocket Park’

Best Bike Ride: Ulverstone to Chasm Creek and back…along the coast road

Best Blueberries: Pick your own…from the farm at Lilydale

Best “Food” Tourist Activity: D’Anvers Chocolate Factory @ Latrobe

Best Mountain Views: Looking south to the Western Arthurs from the Red Knoll lookout at Lake Pedder…..or the central highlands from summit of Mt Pillinger

Best Coastal Scenery: Tasman Peninsula

Best Sporting Event: Mitch reckons it was the Lions defeating Hawthorn @ Aurora….but I’m definitely going with Targa Tasmania

Got some suggestions for me of other places to try?  Or of new categories?  Fire away!


5 thoughts on “best of tassie

  1. Binnalong bay (near St Helens),The Cataract Gorge (Launceston),Wineglass Bay? these are beautiful places! As for food, your not wrong about ‘Buger Got Soul’ they hav the best buger anywhere in Tassie! Launceston has the best food! If your into burgers n want to try something bit different try ‘Flip Buger’ its next to Llyouds hotel in Launceston!
    Hope these travel idea’s are useful,if u haven’t already been to these places you dont know what your missing out on!

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