the imagination challenge

Imagination is a way of seeing.

Of seeing something other than the immediately obvious.

Of seeing something that does not (yet) exist.

Of seeing connections between apparently disconnected entities.

Imagination brings us to new places, new possibilities, new moments of wonder.

It’s a fundamental tool of leadership, fuels creativity and is at the core of problem solving.

I’m stuck on imagination, on how to foster my own, how to encourage yours, and how to put both to good use in re-energising our world (and for those with whom I work, our church).

So get used to hearing the word from me…..I think I might be a broken record.

To get you started, here’s a great video (thanks Cheryl) featuring graphic artist Michael Wolff.  Take the time to watch it, and then take the challenge below….

So, the challenge.

Wolff talks about the muscles of imagination, curiousity and appreciation.

I want to challenge you to go and visit a place you’re very familiar with.  It might be your church building, the local shopping centre, the walking trail you take each day, the local park.  Somewhere public, somewhere you know well.

Go there with the specific intent of exercising the interconnected muscles of appreciation, curiosity and imagination.

Notice things. New things.  Things you haven’t noticed at that place before. New sights. New sounds. New smells.  People. Conversations. Interactions.

Allow yourself plenty of time to simply “be” in your space.

Take inspiration from Wolff’s film, of his meander down the street, or in the supermarket.

Open yourself to all that surrounds you.

Take a camera and bring back one image (or many) of something that you noticed, appreciated.  Of something that inspired your imagination.

And then post a story about your experience (at your own webspace or here), upload your photo somewhere on the web and post a link to it.

Curiousity.  Appreciation.  Imagination

Time to get exercising.

This story first published at tasmission


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