blogging…take 2…the ordinary wonderer

So here we go again.

I’ve just started in a new role with the Uniting Church in Queensland, our family just relocated from Tasmania and getting used to new/old places and faces, and figuring out how to survive after 6 weeks of nearly constant rain. Everything is so wet!

And it’s time to start blogging again.  This blog has been bouncing around for a while, but I’ve populated it now with some of the more interesting posts from my UCA Tasmania work blog tasmission, and will continue on from here.

It’s not – strictly speaking – a work product. Oh, I will definitely wonder aloud about the stuff I’m working on (encouraging the UCA in Queensland into deeper missional engagement) but other stuff as well.

I won’t be posting every day, maybe not even every week. But you’re welcome to stick around, comment/respond/critique/join-in if you like.




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